Samsung Galaxy’s Circle To Search Takes Centre Stage on the Cape Skies

In an endeavour to promote the new Galaxy S24 Series AI feature, Circle to Search – a new way to search anything on the device with a simple gesture without switching apps – Samsung Electronics embellished the clear skies above Table Mountain in Cape Town with circles, marking the new era of Galaxy AI.

“In our pursuit to bring attention to Circle to Search, created in partnership with Google, for the recently launched Galaxy S24 Series, Samsung made a bold and engaging move drawing circles in the sky to mark a new era for Galaxy AI. Now, with a simple gesture, you can circle what you are curious about and get more information right where you are,”

says Kgomotso Mosiane, Head of Marketing for Mobile eXperience at Samsung South Africa.

Taking the message to the skies, the concept is simple: Press and hold the home button on the screen to enable Circle to Search, and then do just that – use your finger to draw a circle around text or scribble on an object on screen to search for it on Google. If you have the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can use the S Pen instead of a finger. And you never have to leave whatever app you’re on to do it! Circle To Search can help you quickly identify items in photo or video.

Shopping is the obvious case for searching here, but you can also identify travel destination, plants, animals, and get context of anything you are seeing – anything a Google search can be.

Suppose you see an item of clothing on Instagram that catches your eye, but the brand was not tagged. Just long press the home button or navigation bar on your device to activate Circle To Search and just like that, your curiosity is satisfied! Similarly, if you see a beautiful landmark in the background of a social media post, or a surprising fun fact on a YouTube clip, you can quickly learn more with a simple circle on the image.

The Circle To Search feature has already scored itself some fans with its easy and practical application owing not only to its simplicity in usage, but also its great potential to make life that much easier. Galaxy S24 users will no longer have to stop what they’re doing to start a search or take a screenshot as a reminder to search for something later.

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