VC4A has witnessed an astounding $11.5 billion in investments

As VC4A commemorates its 10th Anniversary at the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit, the organization reaffirms its decade-long commitment to building vibrant startup ecosystems across the African continent.

A Decade of Impact

Since its inception in 2007, VC4A has been at the forefront of connecting entrepreneurs, fostering visibility, and enhancing accessibility within the startup community. Celebrating a decade of impact, VC4A has witnessed an astounding $11.5 billion in investments in African startups (equity only) between 2019 and 2023 — of which $800 million of that amount has been raised by alumni of only one of the many VC4A programs — a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering growth and innovation.

Global network and collaboration

The VC4A network spans over +250,000 members across 179 countries, creating a global network of innovators supporting more than 27,000 startups scaling from pre-Seed through to Series A. Through partnerships across the public and private sector, VC4A implements targeted incubation, acceleration and pre-SEED funding programs in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Somaliland, Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco.

Commitment to the future: 10x Early Stage Investing

Looking ahead, VC4A remains steadfast in its commitment to 10x early stage investing in Africa. The organization is focused on actively growing the pipeline for investment with an open invitation for collaboration extended to partners, investors, and stakeholders ready to drive the next chapter of early stage investing in Africa.

To celebrate this milestone, VC4A hosts investors at the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit #AESIS2023, the premier gathering of Africa-focused investors held annually for the past decade. The organization invites the global community to join hands in supporting the startup ecosystem across Africa, unlocking immense potential, and collectively building the future of innovation on the continent.

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