Delta Scan is a specialist inspection and digitisation company

Delta Scan is a specialist inspection and digitisation company founded by a team of professionals in the civil engineering and GIS space.

DeltaScan has been assisting asset owners, engineering companies, industrial sites, petrochemical and mines, throughout the world by introducing technological driven workflows using Digital Tools in combination with Artificial Intelligence and Precision Analytics. Their aim is to empower engineers with better tools to speed up their workflows and get more value out of their operations.

Our passion for technology and innovation brought us together to rethink how we approach professional services and to challenge decades old practices. Our unique solutions were created around customer centric needs. Years of research uncovered an industry requiring more accurate information, faster turnaround times, higher levels of confidence in reporting, and quantification in turnkey solutions.

Combining cutting edge drone and scanning technology together with 3D digitisation and engineering design principles, DeltaScan was created to address these needs and solve the industries greatest challenges. All of this at a fraction of the ‘conventional’ cost.

They say.

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