TruQ is simplifying logistics for people

truQ is one of the most convenient ways to find the closest driver to help you move anything.

According to Vanguard, this app is hailed as Nigeria’s ‘Uber for trucks’, truQ helps individuals and businesses find moving vans, minivans, or trucks by matching them to the closest available driver. With the app, users can sign up by themselves and book a trip on-demand all within a few minutes.

The app is user-friendly and convenient to use and driven by over two years of research in logistics which was characterized by a manual system of booking trips.

“In 2020, we made over 300 moves. We are just halfway into 2021 and we have helped people make over 1000 moves and twice that number in deliveries. In a continent where everyone is making endless audacious moves, we want to help them make those moves happen, as seamlessly as possible!”,

says Williams Fatayo, CEO and co-founder of truQ.

On the user side – they are saving their users the stress of having to make lots of phone calls to several vehicle owners whenever they need to move anything, spend time negotiating and agreeing on a price before the move happens subject to the availability of the driver, with a few disappointments here and there. Now at the push of a button, users are connected to the closest available vehicle in real time and at an affordable cost.

For businesses – they are effectively taking away the stress of having to deal with random vehicle owners, negotiate, deal with frequent disappointments from drivers anytime they need to move anything and the cost of having to operate their own vehicle for deliveries. Businesses can get connected to the closest available vehicle for all of their logistic needs.

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