Fez Delivery is a Last-mile logistics platform

Fez Delivery is a technology-driven company that provides hassle-free last mile logistics services to businesses and individuals across Africa.

Before Fez joined the last-mile delivery conversation, Nigeria’s logistics scene faced four key problems:

(1) A highly fragmented delivery ecosystem

(2) Fixed & unfavourable price models that disenfranchise SMEs who contribute 48% to GDP

(3) A high number of unprofessional front line personnel

(4) Inadequate feedback on delivery activities

After experiencing these issues first-hand, they launched Fez Delivery Co to provide a permanent fix through:

(1) Nationwide reach

(2) Professional Riders

(3) Flexible Pricing

(4) Real-time feedback

Today, they are helping individuals, SMEs and corporates fulfill their last-mile delivery promises to their customers.

These are amazing brands like Kuda, FairMoney, Herconomy, Redbull NIgeria, VBank and several others.

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