Neema Iyer is the founder of a civic technology company Pollicy

Neema Iyer is an artist, a designer, a technologist, and a champion sleeper. She once carried all six grocery bags from the car to the house. Her favourite plant is named Larry.

Neema is the founder of a civic technology company, Pollicy, based in Kampala, Uganda. She is an active do-er and speaker on data, digital rights and building products to improve service delivery. She is also an artist, both digitally and in the real world. Her first solo exhibition was held in Kampala in June 2018.

Through feminist research, she tackles subjects such as digital inclusion, digital rights and civic technology. She runs a podcast called Terms and Conditions, together with Berhan Taye.

About Pollicy

Pollicy provides design consulting to re-engineer civic engagement and participatory processes, technology solutions for for communication, digital data collection and crowdfunding, and research services to better understand what works within each local context. Through new technologies, they plan to bridge data gaps from grassroot level all the way up to national level. Their passion is focused on influencing a culture of data use, promoting the use of shared data platforms, building analytical capacity and advocating for improved data usage amongst political candidates, civil society organizations, non-governmental organization and government.

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