Kuronga is using AI to connect farmers with buyers

Kuronga (https://Kuronga.com/), based in South Africa, is known for the creative use of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies for its machine learning and machine vision mobile app, using AI to connect farmers with buyers and making it easier to validate quality of crops.

We founded Kuronga because we realised that market access was broken for small-scale growers throughout Africa. 65% of Land in Africa is managed by small-scale producers, yet the majority of tools and agricultural services in Africa are built to serve large scale commercial activities. Why?

Says Kuronga.

Kuronga has been engaging with farmers, informal traders, and retailers for some time now. It was a stark realisation what a disconnect exists between buyers and producers’ expectations around quality.

Traders and retailers care about quality as this is central to their profit margins. Yet these expectations and grading standards are very poorly communicated with growers. It’s a hard problem, how do you communicate quality standards with thousands of growers that infrequently engage with buyers? That’s why they have built their AI grading App.

Simply point your phone camera at packed produce and get an instant quality assessment. Buyers and sellers can now get grading reports seamlessly through the app on-farm and at-market. Quality can be managed and tracked at every stage of the crops journey to market.

The app connects buyers and sellers allowing them to arrange and agree to a sale. Farmers can find Buyers nearest to them and know they will accept their graded produce.

Buyers can search out and specifically work with suppliers that meet their quality requirements. Grading is digitally verified at the farm gate so there are no nasty surprises for buyers or sellers when the produce gets to market

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