Karpolax offers innovative solutions for farmers

Karpolax is a company offering innovative solutions for Fruit and Vegetable preservation increasing the shelf life. Not only are they a discovery house, they are also a source for preservation technologies to be used by all the agricultural sector value chain actors.

​They offer solutions to the farmer or grower, the transporter, the packer, the retailer, and the consumer with a market valued at over $58 Billion.

We have a novel combination of scientifically proven molecules that give us a formulation for extending the fruit shelf life. We load this formulation into sachets and sell them to the farmer, the retailer, the packer, and the transporter.

says Karpolax.


Namboozo Sandra – Team Leader/CEO

She has a background in Chemical Engineering and with great leadership, project, and resource management skills. She is both analytical and visionary with the aptitude to lead a team toward specific milestones. She is a critical thinker and an agile leader.

Musamali Maggie – Chief Technical Officer

She has a background in Bio-Chemistry and she is fully committed to the company and the development of the product with in-depth knowledge of molecular biology techniques. She is able to conduct scientific experiments and analyses with accuracy and precision.

Muyita Samuel – General Manager

He has a background in civil and environmental engineering and he is a great multiplier to their team. He is an expert in financial management with solid presentation skills and the ability to explain complex processes to an audience. 

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