Meta Quest Pro is a completely reimagined headset

At Meta Connect 2022, they announced Meta Quest Pro, the first in their new high-end class of VR headsets. It comes loaded with innovative features like high-resolution sensors that enable full-color mixed reality experiences, next-generation pancake optics, advanced LCD displays that deliver sharp visuals, an all-new, sleek and comfortable design complete with guided Fit Adjustment, and eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions for enhanced social presence.

All of this makes Meta Quest Pro the perfect device for collaborating and working much more naturally in VR.

Meta Quest Pro is available today for $1,499.99 USD. That price includes the headset, two self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, partial light blockers, and a charging dock. You can buy it in any country where Meta Quest products are supported, both at and at select retailers including Best Buy in the US and Canada, Argos and Currys in the UK, and FNAC and Boulanger in France. You can also purchase from Amazon in the USthe UKCanada, and France.

All-New, Advanced Experiences

Thanks to its innovative hardware features, Meta Quest Pro can enable a wide range of new VR and mixed reality experiences.

For example, picture being in your home office leading a meeting around a large virtual table with your entire team, all of whom are also working at home. You can see your real desk and use your physical keyboard and mouse. When you need to explain something to your team, you stand up and sketch it out on a giant virtual whiteboard for all to see. As you draw, you can see the expressions of understanding on your teammates’ avatars’ faces. That’s possible on Meta Quest Pro in Horizon Workrooms thanks to the headset’s full-color Passthrough, eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions.

Ideal For the Future of Work

Meta Quest Pro was designed to support a wide range of collaboration and productivity tools that let you overlay your work on top of the physical world and give you a vast virtual space for multitasking.

It’s ideal for builders, architects, engineers, designers, and others who want to augment their workflow and supercharge their creativity.

Moving Meta Quest Forward

With the release of Meta Quest Pro, developers can start building immersive experiences for it today.

Visit for more information or to purchase your own Meta Quest Pro today.

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