J2 Software recognises collective responsibility for Cybersecurity in the wake of growing cyberthreats

J2 Software, a leading provider of managed cybersecurity services, recognizes the shift towards collective responsibility for cybersecurity in response to the growing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks around the globe, as highlighted in the latest research by Gartner.

Gartner’s research shows that the burden of cybersecurity can no longer rest solely on the shoulders of IT specialists, as it was in the past. Instead, a collective resilience mindset is emerging in which the entire organization has a role to play when it comes to cybersecurity.

According to Gartner, organizations that adopt a collective resilience mindset will be better prepared to face the challenges posed by cyber threats. J2 Software has always held the position that resilience, driven by visibility, is key to averting cyber disasters.

“We are excited to be seeing more and more companies embrace the idea that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility,”

said John Mc Loughlin, Group CEO of J2 Software.

“This shift is essential for building a culture of security where all employees understand the risks and are equipped to mitigate them.”

Despite the challenges, the private and public sectors are working together to spread the burden of cybersecurity, both through education and awareness, as well as regulations and policies.

The latest example of this is the new US National Cybersecurity Strategy from the Biden-Harris Administration, which plans to focus on “rebalancing the responsibility to defend cyberspace” and taking the burden away from individuals and small businesses.

J2 Software recognizes the importance of addressing the personal risks faced by CISOs, who often have high-pressure jobs and are at risk of burnout. A 2022 survey highlighted stress and burnout as the most significant personal risks CISOs are facing in their role.

While CISOs will always have a responsibility for the cybersecurity of their business, organizations are engaging in cybersecurity more holistically, meaning there’s better understanding from the C-Level, as well as employees across all departments.

“J2 Software is committed to helping organizations build a culture of security, where cybersecurity is embedded into the fabric of the organization,”

said McLoughlin.

“We offer a range of solutions and services that augment the job of the security team, as well as those that educate the wider business.”

“As more businesses take note of cybersecurity, there is likely to be a broader impact on other businesses in the market, including vendors. With increased recognition that cybersecurity is not the sole responsibility of one person or one team, we’ll hopefully continue to see the burden on CISOs reduced as well as more involvement and ownership from other senior leaders,”

he concludes.

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