The French Pitch Challenge 2023

An opportunity for Southern African Start-Ups to Compete on the Global Stage

Start-ups in Southern Africa have a wonderful chance to show the world their cutting-edge concepts and technologies through the French Pitch Challenge. The VivaTech event will be held in Paris in June 2023, and the challenge, which is sponsored by the French Embassy in South Africa, aims to choose 10 potential start-ups.

The VivaTech event, which brings together business owners, investors, and industry experts from all over the world, is the biggest innovation event in Europe. The event provides a venue for start-ups to present their concepts, connect with possible business partners, and get important exposure to the worldwide IT community.

Startups must apply by completing an online form in order to compete in the French Pitch Challenge. The top 20 businesses will be asked to present their concepts in Pretoria on April 24, 2023, after the submission deadline of March 21.

The top 10 start-ups will be chosen during the pitch session to attend VivaTech, which will take place in Paris from June 12–17, 2023. The French Embassy will pay for all trip costs, including airfare and hotel lodging, and will also grant access to the VivaTech event.

The chosen start-ups will have the chance to meet with the French innovation ecosystem, including Station F, Station A, le Wagon, and other incubators, in addition to attending the VivaTech event. In accordance with their operations and interests, the start-ups will furthermore attend B2B meetings.

The French Pitch Challenge provides Southern African start-ups with an excellent opportunity to showcase their innovations to the global tech community, network with potential partners and investors, and gain insightful exposure to the French innovation environment. These start-ups now have the chance to expand their businesses and solidify their positions globally.

If you are a start-up in Southern Africa with a cutting-edge concept or technology, take advantage of this chance to take part in the French Pitch Competition. Put your ambitions of success on the world stage into action by applying right away.

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