Android tools and apps to help you get quality sleep

Your smartphone is there to improve the quality of your life, help you keep in touch with the people that matter to you, and enable you to get things done. But when it’s time to get a good night’s sleep, it should not distract you from your well-earned rest. Below, TCL looks at some great Android tools, apps and settings to help you get better and more restful sleep.

  1. Bedtime mode

Bedtime mode is an option in Android’s Digital Wellbeing settings that keeps your phone dark and silent when you sleep. While Bedtime mode is on, you won’t get calls, texts and other notifications that might disturb your sleep. The colours on your phone will fade to black and white to signal that it’s time to put your device down. You can customise how and when you turn on Bedtime mode with a few quick and easy taps and swipes.

  1. Clock

Sleep experts recommend turning in for the night and waking in the morning at the same time every day—including holidays and weekends. A regular sleeping rhythm can improve the quality of your sleep. With the Bedtime tab in the Clock app, you can set daily sleep and wake times to ensure you have a regular sleep schedule.

Each night, your Android device will send a reminder before bedtime and offer an option to play calming sounds from Calm, Spotify, YouTube Music and other apps. With Digital Wellbeing installed, you can pair with Bedtime mode to limit interruptions while you sleep. If you do stay up with your phone later than you meant to, you can see which apps you were using and for how long.

  1. YouTube bedtime reminder

Find yourself staying up too late with YouTube? You can now get a bedtime reminder in the YouTube app. You can choose to see the reminder at bedtime or after a video completes.

  1. Family Link

Family Link [MM1] helps you set digital boundaries for your children, including bedtime for their device. You can create a daily bedtime schedule, adjusting it for certain days or weekends. Once bedtime rolls around, your child’s device will lock, but will still allow calls in case your child needs to reach you.

  1. Sleep apps

There are also some great Android apps that help you monitor sleep and improve your sleeping habits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Do I Snore or Grind: This app will record snoring and grinding sounds you make during your sleep.
  • Sleep Cycle: Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock and sleep tracker that only wakes you up while you’re in your light sleep phase.
  • Sleep as Android: Wakes you gently in the optimal moment to help you get up refreshed in the morning.
  • White Noise Lite: Features ambient sounds of the environment that will help you relax during the day and sleep great at night.
  • Sleep Tracker: A personal sleep cycle monitor, snore recorder, and sleep sounds app to improve your sleep quality.
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