Eli Polanco is the Founder and CEO of Nivelo

Eli Polanco is the Founder and CEO of Nivelo and Board Member of Tech:NYC. Beforehand, she has 10 years experience working at J.P. Morgan Chase as an Investment Banking Analyst, then growing into her role as Executive Director – Head of Banking Product at Blockchain Center of Excellence where she led blockchain technical product strategy and development for J.P. Morgan’s Banking unit, led pilot initiatives with government organizations, startups and established financial institutions.

She also launched the Interbank Information Network (the largest interbank blockchain product in prod), and defined strategy and execution for new products across the Banking production portfolio including: payments, stablecoins, liquidity management, central bank digital assets and supply chain financing.

Nivelo enables open banking

The financial world is opening and more companies than ever are offering digital payment solutions. Yet the playing field isn’t level when it comes to risk information access, which leads to fraud and abuse plaguing the payment infrastructure. Nivelo believes in equalizing this asymmetry. They see a world where risk and fraud information isn’t siloed, where facilitating the sharing of data doesn’t mean sacrificing privacy and where data access is democratized.

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