Jasmine Shells is the Co-Founder & CEO of Five to Nine

Jasmine Shells is the Co-Founder & CEO of Five to Nine, an award-winning VC-backed HR Tech startup that’s influencing the future of work. Less than 10% of companies know the ROI behind their employee programming and her team is working to close that gap.

Five to Nine allows companies to better manage and evaluate their employee engagement programs. Five to Nine has been invested in by top VCs such as Kapor Capital and by financial institutions like Morgan Stanley.

Jasmine is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame and MBA candidate at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business where she is an inaugural recipient of the Entrepreneurial Scholars scholarship.

In her spare time, Jasmine loves to salsa dance and encourage others to take the leap into their five-to-nines. Jasmine has been featured in Vice, Business Insider, TEDx, Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch and others.

“I realized firsthand how challenging event management could be – from spreadsheets to survey forms– nothing was in one place. And without the proper tools, it was nearly impossible to understand how these programs impacted employee retention and productivity.”

Says Jasmine.

Why the name “Five to Nine”

People are more than just their 9-5, which is why it’s important to create inclusive programming where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. We believe in bringing your full self to work – always.

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