5 Reasons to consider 5G for your next smartphone

South Africa’s mobile networks are racing to expand their 5G networks, bringing faster mobile connectivity to more parts of the country. If you’re planning to get a new smartphone, you might be wondering whether it’s the right time to make the jump to a 5G device. Is it a lot of hype and is it going to cost you a lot of money?

The answer to both questions is no, says Ernst Wittmann, Regional Manager for Southern and East Africa at TCL Communication. He says that 5G is the wave of the future, promising to deliver a better mobile experience to every user in South Africa. Not only are 5G networks becoming more widespread, 5G handsets are becoming more accessible and affordable.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, offering faster downloads, quicker uploads and lower latency. Wittman offers five reasons to consider a 5G handset as your next device:

  1. It’s more affordable than you think

Mid-range Android smartphones with integrated 5G connectivity are now widely available—and there is no longer a significant premium in the price over 4G devices. These devices not only include 5G, but also offer the benefits of a modern chipset such as a snappy processor, immersive display and a high-resolution triple camera experience.

  1. The need for speed

With a 5G smartphone and access to a 5G network, you’ll be able to download albums and movies within seconds as well as enjoy high-quality ultrahigh definition streaming via services like Netflix. You’ll also finally be able to enjoy lag-free mobile gaming and videoconference in HD without judder and frozen faces.

  1. 5G networks are becoming more common

MTN and Vodacom, among others, already cover many urban centres with 5G networks. Plus, they plan to keep investing billions of rands in expanding coverage. That means you’ll be able to take advantage of 5G’s blistering speed in more and more places in the months and years to come.

  1. It’s future-proof

 If you’re buying a smartphone today, you probably want it to last for three to five years. During this time, 5G will become widely available and you’ll be able to benefit from its high speeds in many parts of the country. If you buy a 5G smartphone now, you won’t need to upgrade to benefit as 5G network rollouts accelerate.

  1. Fibre-quality connectivity from your personal hotspot

When you share a 5G hotspot with your laptop, you’ll have an experience that compares well to using a fibre network. That means you’ll be able to play online games without a hitch and work seamlessly from more and more places as 5G connectivity becomes more widely available.

Says Wittman:

“5G is no longer a premium feature found only on the most expensive phones—it’s accessible to everyone. Not only can 5G make everyone’s mobile experience better, it will also bring superfast connectivity to more people across Africa who don’t have access to fibre.”

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