SOREC breaks new ground with the launch of GAMMA SYSTEMS

SOREC ( launches the first “Made in Morocco” central gaming solution in partnership exclusively with Moroccan companies and exploitable by all types of gaming operators. SOREC joins the very limited network of about ten horse racing software DEVELOPERS and is now one of the few operators worldwide to possess their own DIGITAL solution.

GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC has completed A STAGERRING 150 million transactions since its launch in March 2022.

Firmly committed to a modernization and digitalization process, SOREC sparks a revolution within the horse racing betting field by creating Gamma SYSTEMS by SOREC, the first central horse racing betting solution designed in Africa.

With the launch of this new solution, SOREC aims at reinforcing its leadership position as a Moroccan gaming operator driven by the will to boost the equine ecosystem. SOREC joins the very limited circle of about ten horse racing betting software developers and is now one of the few operators worldwide to possess their own digital solution.

“By turning into the first African operator to produce a central horse racing betting solution, SOREC reveals its strong capacity to innovate and reaffirms its commitment to build an inclusive, sustainable and efficient equine ecosystem. We are proud to contribute to our country shining above and beyond our expectations overseas. We believe the accomplishment of this ambitious project has now positioned SOREC as a leader notorious for its autonomy, the latter shown pivotal to achieving its goals”

states Mr. Omar Skalli, General Manager of SOREC.

GAMMA by SOREC, a one-of-a-kind solution “Made in Morocco”

Made entirely from scratch, GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC is a true technological prodigy created in partnership exclusively with Moroccan companies (PCARD, INGENIUS & BROME). These partnerships give testimony to SOREC’s belief in the Moroccan skills potential to develop advanced and efficient systems. Additionally, a SOREC’s special team with advanced tech skills has been tasked with developing this innovative solution.

“The resilience, outstanding commitment and exceptional skills of our team have been crucial to the achievement of SOREC’s 2012 bold vision”

says Mr. Abdellatif Choukki, Director of Information Systems and Technologies at SOREC.

A solution focused on performance and productivity

Since its launch in March 2022, GAMMA by SOREC has recorded a staggering 150 million transactions, thus increasing its partners productivity by boosting sales and strengthening their customer relations. Currently, the solution allows processing of more than 1 million transactions per day with a peak of over 100 transactions per second.

International ambitions

Compliant with the best international standards, this innovative, secure and scalable solution offers the possibility of a flexible and competitive time to market. It will be made available to all types of gaming and horse racing operators. In the short term, GAMMA SYSTEMS By SOREC will attract the interest of many African and other international operators who have been using American or European solutions. The export of this solution will most likely be another opportunity for SOREC to promote the Moroccan know-how.

A new age solution opens doors to untapped potential and unlimited opportunities

GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC is a central server that processes all the required data needed to run games such as stakes registration, tickets issuance, odds & profit computation and winner tickets management to name a few. This server replaces the Carrus Group’s S3000 system, which has enabled SOREC to triple its stakes over the past 15 years.

GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC unveils new opportunities in the horse racing field by adding new ways to anticipate market trends in addition to a diversified product offering and optimized customer experience. Indeed, it is anticipated the solution will continue to evolve by allowing more products and services innovation, in accordance with customers and partners expectations.

GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC is a major technological breakthrough that will help SOREC accomplish its mission and reach its objectives, namely the emergence and growth of a sustainable and competitive equine industry.

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