TikTok is announcing membership with Tech Against Terrorism

TikTok is announcing their membership with Tech Against Terrorism and bringing more transparency to the steps they take to protect their community from violent extremism.

Standing together against violent extremism

At TikTok, they believe that collaboration is critical to solving today’s most pressing challenges, including violent extremism. They are proud to be members of Tech Against Terrorism, which brings together technology companies, civil society, and academics over the shared goal of countering violent extremism. Coming together with others in the industry reflects their desire to engage with the wider community of experts in a responsible way.

Joining Tech Against Terrorism means we’ve earned their Trustmark, proof that we adhere to membership requirements, which include commitments to exploring new technical solutions and working with civil society on combating violent extremism. The Trustmark also demonstrates our strict policies and enforcement against violent extremism and our commitments to human rights and transparency. For instance, we publish regular Community Guidelines Enforcement Reports that bring visibility to the content and accounts removed for violating our policies. And we recently announced plans to provide researchers with API access to study the TikTok platform and moderation system.

Says TikTok.

There’s no finish line when it comes to keeping people safe. Through our membership, we’re eager to continue to learn from others as we strive to meet and exceed best practices in tackling this issue. It will also provide access to training and detection resources to help us effectively respond to such content and actors.

TikTok’s zero-tolerance approach to violent extremism

TikTok maintains a zero-tolerance policy on violent extremism. Individuals or groups that threaten violence or attempt to incite violence risk the safety of their community. Their Community Guidelines clearly outline that they do not allow people to use the platform to threaten or incite violence, or to promote violent extremist organizations, individuals, or acts.

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