ParkUpp secures community basements for car collectors

ParkUpp is fast positioning itself as an innovative driver of flexible parking solutions, the company has now secured ‘collector community basements’ in convenient locations across South Africa. Its national roll-out begins at Cape Town’s Cape Quarter with an initial 40-bay offering.

Parkupp Collector is a community basement parking facility for car collectors. A simple click, book, and park is all it takes to have one’s collectible car safely parked alongside others.

“You may own that polished collectible for the sheer joy of an occasional drive, as an investment, or as functional art. It might be a rare find or a sentimental reminder of times past. For most enthusiasts, however, there is always the question of where to park it,”

says ParkUpp’s Umar Obaray.

“Once the bug has bitten and you have more cars than your home garage can accommodate, the search for offsite parking begins. “There are specialized facilities whose offerings include climate control and concierge services, often with accompanying waiting lists as demand is strong,”

he adds.

For the average collector looking to house a car undercover, arranging parking in a friend’s garage or basement of a building is a hassle. Multiply this inconvenience by two to three cars and it will significantly detract from the joy of collecting.

“It makes sense to cultivate communities of collectors and for them to cluster their cars in dedicated basements. Parkupp Collector has secured these secure facilities,”

he concludes.

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