Lenovo Unveils New Yoga PCs to Empower Consumers

Lenovo has unveiled the next generation of premium, ultra-slim Windows 11 Yoga laptops featuring:

  • The flagship 14-inch Yoga Slim 9i (known as Lenovo Slim 9i in the U.S.), a carbon neutral certified laptop that offers smarter productivity and incredible portable entertainment
  • The Yoga Slim 7i Pro X and Yoga Slim 7 Pro X (known as Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X and Lenovo Slim 7 Pro X in the U.S.), fueled by Lenovo X Power that enables creation anywhere, anytime
  • The Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (known as Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon in the U.S.) that fuses powerful mobility with durable style.

The new Yoga line also offers refreshes of the 14-inch and 16-inch Yoga Slim 7 Pro (known as Lenovo Slim 7 in the U.S.), the Yoga Slim 7i Pro (known as the Lenovo Slim 7i in the U.S.), and the Yoga 7. To meet the needs of the new hybrid home office, Lenovo has also announced today the new Yoga AIO 7, a new 4K 27-inch desktop PC that features an ergonomic hinge for endless adaptability, collaboration across multiple devices, and modern engineering for the contemporary home.

“Hybrid life is the new norm that’s inspired the development of this new generation of Lenovo Yoga devices. Our goal is to empower more people to ‘just be you’ – to consume, create, and collaborate on their own terms,”

said Ouyang Jun, Lenovo’s vice president and general manager of the Consumer Business Segment, Intelligent Devices Group.

 “We’ve designed and engineered the new Yoga PCs with smarter features and an even more premium user experience to help people pursue their ambitions, relax, and get things done in their own way.”

Packed with robust security features, when deployed, Lenovo Smart Lock Services enables users to track and locate the last known location of their Lenovo device either through a web browser or mobile app. They can also remotely lock the device to restrict unauthorized access or, through its data wipe feature, delete sensitive files to help prevent identity and data theft. To help users recover a stolen PC, Lenovo Smart Lock Services includes access to Absolute’s dedicated Investigations team that works closely with local law enforcement to try to track it down.

The Yoga Slim 9i (14”, 7), known as Lenovo Slim 9i (14”, 7) in the U.S., starts at $1,799 and is expected to be available starting June 2022.

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