Android apps that will get your creative juices flowing

We all have the potential to be creative, but sometimes we could all use a bit of inspiration to spark our imaginations. There are some fantastic apps designed to catalyse your creativity and get ideas flowing. For International Creativity and Innovation Day (19 April), Alcatel recommends some Android apps that will help you find your creative spirit.

  1. Tayasui Sketches

Sketches is a drawing application with realistic tools and beautiful brushes, offering many advanced functions and an intuitive interface. The brushes have been designed so that each stroke behaves vividly as a brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle and width to your movements.

  1. Simple Mind

This is a beautifully easy-to-use app for organising your thoughts, remembering things and generating new ideas with mind mapping. 

  1. Solo Brainstorming

Solo Brainstorming is an app that provides awesome tools and techniques for brainstorming ideas alone.

  1. Study Ambience

With Study Ambience, you can transport yourself to a creative place, whether it’s a mountain top, a quiet lake, a beach or a rainforest. An amazing interface and eye-catching design make Study Ambience the best way to relax, focus and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Behance

Adobe’s Behance is the leading online platform for showcasing and discovering creative work. Behance’s team of curators feature new work every day from top portfolios in the fields of design, fashion, illustration, industrial design, architecture, photography, fine art, advertising, typography, motion graphics, sound design, and many more. Creative companies find talent on Behance, and millions of visitors use Behance to track the latest and greatest creative talent.

  1. HaikuJAM

Write a line and share it. People around the world will write with you, adding a line each to make a micro poem, quote or story. Think of it as a challenge to train your creative thinking and writing skills by expressing yourself in as few words as possible.

  1. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is an award-winning sketching, painting and drawing app for anyone who loves to draw. Artists and illustrators love Sketchbook for its professional-grade feature set and highly customisable tools. Everyone loves Sketchbook for its elegant interface and natural drawing experience.

  1. Pocket

Use Pocket to capture the content that comes at you all day long, and curate your own space filled with the topics you care about. Save the latest stories, articles, news, sports and videos from any device, and any publisher or app. Then fuel your mind with a reading, watching, and listening experience designed for calm eyes, free hands and fresh focus.

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