Intel Reveals Bold Multiyear Xeon Roadmap to Accelerate Growth

At Intel’s 2022 Investor Meeting, the company provided the first view of its new Intel Xeon roadmap extending through 2024. Paving the way for continued growth and leadership in the data center market, Intel is adding a new ultra-efficient processor family (code-named Sierra Forest) to its lineup, upgrading key products to more advanced process nodes and introducing a new, wide-ranging architecture strategy for the data center. These new next-generation products will fuel the company’s growth across cloud, network and edge.

“Today we’re giving the world a clear view of our industry-leading Xeon roadmap, which will fuel our growth and leadership through 2024 and beyond,”

said Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and AI Group at Intel.

“This diversified product portfolio has been developed in tight partnership with our customers, based on their diverse needs, aligned to their timelines and designed to fuel even more innovations with their developer ecosystems.”

A New Architecture; A Leadership Roadmap

Intel’s new architecture strategy for future generations of Xeon will have a dual-track roadmap of Performance-core (P-core) and Efficient-core (E-core) based products, moving from two optimized platforms into one common, industry-defining platform. This new path will maximize performance-per-watt, segment features and Intel’s overall competitiveness within the industry. While introducing this new approach, Intel reinforced its compatibility with the vast Xeon platform ecosystem that exists today and the benefits that customers will get from a single investment.

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