Twitch is Celebrating Black Creators All Month Long

Every single day Black Creators on Twitch are bringing people together and creating the future of entertainment, all while doing what they do best live with their communities. And that is something worth celebrating.

To kick things off, make sure to check out the Black Brilliance Recommended Section on the Front Page where you can meet more than 1300 creators this year, from big names to rising stars.

Twitch is also including featured segments pairing game developers with streamers making waves in the gaming community, a two-day speed running marathon celebrating Black Joy, and a fundraiser for the American Heart Association with over 150 creators.

So this Black History Month, join them as they shine the spotlight on more creators than ever and introduce them to an even larger audience.

Twitch Public Access – Feb 11 @ 1pm PST

Join Twitch on their first episode of the year, as they break down all the events happening on Twitch, and how you can get involved. Hosts Merrykish, RayApollo and Drunkn_Buddha will highlight Black History Month and all the incredible creators.

Unapologetically Black and Fast – Feb. 12 & 13 @ 11am PST @

Unapologetically Black and Fast is a new yearly Games Done Quick Hotfix marathon in which Black speedrunners are front and center, in a celebration of Black Joy. The first marathon of the series is a two day event with fast content 12 hours a day on Twitch.

The Weekly Presented by Ally Feb 17 @ 11am PST

Discover Black game changers that are building and shaping the world of everything gaming on /twitchgaming’s The Weekly. They’ll discuss everything from the games that influenced them, highly-anticipated games in development, as well as a few surprises you won’t want to miss.

Join A Community Movement With The American Heart Association

Health equity is the centerpiece of the American Heart Association’s mission right now. Heart Disease is the no. 1 killer and stroke is no. 2. Not only are these the top killers worldwide, but they disproportionately affect Black people due to social determinants of health, historical precedent, and added stress factors. You can learn more about the American Heart Association’s work on health equity on their website or jump into fundraising on Tiltify.

If you’re looking for different ways to support and uplift charities supporting Black people take a look at charities on Streamlabs and Tiltify. If you are interested in supporting a Black founded charity check out Giving Gap.

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