Meet Tebogo Mokwena The Founder & CTO of Akiba Digital

Tebogo Mokwena can be best described as a multipotentialite, entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast who is passionate about solving African problems. She is a software engineer who is transitioning into advanced analytics as she co-founded Akiba Digital and Float.

Mokwena’s software language profile includes React JS, Hapi JS, Scala, Java, Ruby on Rails and Python. Tebogo graduated from the University of Cape Town/ University of California, Los Angeles with a triple major in Computer science, genetics and biochemistry. She was part of the team that built the first digital bank in Southeast Asia.

Speaking to the Mail & Guardian newspaper, Mokwena said:

“My role today as an African female entrepreneur with software engineering expertise is to make use of technology to create experiences that fundamentally make the lives of Africans better,”

she says.

“I hope my contribution to Africa will empower women and others so that they push the boundaries of what is deemed possible.”

Look out for her work on:

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