Spotify Introduces Call-to-Action Cards for Podcast Ads

Over the last year, Spotify has introduced new tools for creators to interact more directly with their audiences through video podcastsQ&As, and Polls. They also enabled experiences like Blend, which allows listeners to merge their musical tastes with their friends’ in one shared playlist. Finally, they introduced the voice-controlled in-app experience, “Hey Spotify.”

Now Spotify is bringing interactivity to the audio ad experience.

Whether you’re blasting your personalized On Repeat playlist during your morning run, catching up on the week’s pop culture news with Higher Learning while you make dinner, or listening to Monica and Dax unpack the struggles of being human while stuck in traffic on Armchair Expertmusic and talk are your constant companions.

But what happens when you hear an ad letting you know about Ulta’s “Hello Holidays” sale or an offer from Athletic Greens giving you 25% off when you sign up for a monthly subscription? You’re often forced to remember a promo code or URL, or make a mental note to look up the offer when you return to your phone or laptop. This process is far from seamless. That’s why Spotify is excited to announce a new ad experience launching across podcasts called call-to-action (CTA) cards.

CTA cards will appear in the app as soon as a podcast ad begins playing, and will resurface later on while you’re exploring the Spotify app—making it easier to check out the brand, product, or service you heard about while listening. CTA cards will make it easier for you to directly discover the products and services you’re interested in without having a hard-to-remember promo code or vanity URL.

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