Erica Plybeah Is The Founder & CEO Of MedHaul

Erica Plybeah is the founder and CEO Of MedHaul, which is a benefit corporation that prioritizes developing innovative solutions for vulnerable communities that are often overlooked, including the elderly and those with physical and mental disabilities.

Erica is most passionate about: Developing and implementing processes and technical solutions that provide access (i.e. healthcare, financial, education) to marginalized communities.

My primary expertise: Clinical and Clinical Research Informatics, Clinical Systems Integrations, and Implementations, Product and Project Management, Process Improvement, SDLC, Technology-enabled Startups

Says Erica Plybeah.

Founded in the heart of the Memphis Medical District, MedHaul was inspired by Erica’s difficult experience with booking non-emergency transportation for her grandmother, a Type 2 Diabetic double leg amputee.

She discovered a lack of innovative solutions for transportation access to healthcare for communities that are often overlooked, inspiring her to start MedHaul.

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