Meet the director of product at VSCO Hannah Donovan

Created by founder and CEO Hannah Donovan and team, the Trash app used AI to help users edit clips from their camera rolls in seconds for a rough cut ready to refine and share. Trash was acquired by the Visual Supply Company, and is now part of VSCO: Photo & Video Editor.

As a creative person, I’ve let my curiosity guide my career path. I still actively design even though I also do product and strategy. I appreciate taking things concept to execution: considering what to make, why it should exist for the business, as well as (of course!) how it it’s going to look and feel.

Says Hannah Donovan.

Hannah grew up in Canada in a creative family. Her dad’s family worked in high-end fashion, and her mom is a playwright and musician. Early exposure to these worlds meant that she was making her own videos on VHS, thrifting costumes, and later – building her own computer to download her first copy of design software.

I started playing cello when I was three and pursued music through college alongside my studies, competing, and touring. I have five younger sisters, and creating fun and inclusive experiences for them, as well as learning to lead at a young age were both a big part of my early life. I’m creative and technical, and I taught myself to code while I got a degree in design. After graduating, I quickly moved to Toronto and to work as a designer at an agency focused on youth-focused projects. I love teen culture and pop culture.

She adds.

VSCO is a place where expression matters most. they offer creative photo and video editing tools, inspiration, and a place for you to be you.

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