Workplace – software tool developed by Facebook turns five

Workplace turns five years old, and to celebrate, Facebook is sharing five ways to help shape the future of work.

When Facebook launched Workplace five years ago, the way people worked was very different. Sharing information between workers was more challenging and people found themselves working in silos. When the pandemic forced some people to work remotely, connection and community became even more important. Since 2016, Facebook empowered over 7M paid subscribers at businesses including Walmart, Banco Galicia and Deliveroo to turn their companies into communities. Through Workplace, employers have created a culture where everyone can share knowledge, work together and build community.

Here are five ways Facebook is helping people and businesses transition to the next era of work:

  1. Connecting companies of all sizes, including some of the world’s most innovative organizations
  2. Building an integrated system to connect people with the tools they already use every day
  3. Helping people navigate the changing world of work by connecting the frontline and supporting both remote and hybrid teams
  4. Getting the right information to the right people through features like Groups and Knowledge Library
  5. Making company conversation less top-down and more two-way with live Q&A’s and comments

Learn more about how the app is making work more human.

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