Vodacom’s VodaBucks Rewards Programme celebrates one year

Vodacom’s VodaBucks Rewards Programme has grown in leaps and bounds, since its debut a year ago. The basic ingredient of this loyalty incentive has been to reward customers for their loyalty and engagement with the brand.

More than 27 million customers have earned over 7.5 billion VodaBucks, with many spending their unified virtual currency in the different categories of the stores.

The VodaBucks Store has also grown significantly now giving customers the ability to choose different categories – fashion & sport; Gadgets & Tech; Home Appliance & Electronics; Devices; Entertainment & Travel; Food & Household, with an additional adhoc category dedicated for seasonal shopping sales, such as Spring or Black Friday.

Over and above rewarding customers with VodaBucks, the programme has given away R10 million in cash prizes plus an additional R1.5 million towards three Dream Home Winners, who walked away with R500,000 each.

“We are encouraged by the uptake of our newly launched VodaBucks Rewards Programme. The numbers show that the Programme has been well received by our customers, with the current engagement beyond our initial expectations. We appreciate every single customer on the Vodacom network, which is why we reward them for simply remaining loyal to SA’s leading network,”

says Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Vodacom Consumer Business.

In the last year, over 1,68 billion shopping discounts have been issued on our Shake platform, exclusively on the Vodacom network. For every shake a customer stands in line to win discounts & cash prizes from different retail brands such as DisChem, Dysan, Burger King, Nando’s, Pick ‘n Pay and many others.

“In the last year, we have seen how consumers’ shopping and spending habits have changed particularly as the country transitioned between the different levels of lockdown. Customers have engage with us using technology. As a brand that celebrates what the human spirit can achieve when combined with technology, we put the emphasis on connecting everyone for a better tomorrow. As the new normal becomes the everyday way of living, we are also encouraged that we are walking side by side on this new journey with our valued customers, added Mendes.”

Vodacom launched the VodaBucks Rewards Programme to reward customers and incentivise them every time they achieve personalised behavioral goals, such as buying specific bundles using the Just-4-You platform or the My Vodacom App.

Free to join, the Programme not only allows customers to earn VodaBucks and redeem them from the VodaBucks Store, but also on a Mega Shake which unlocks additional chances to win awesome prizes.

Members of the programme need to bank their newly allocated VodaBucks every week to allow them to accumulate, should they not wish to redeem them immediately. They can track their growing VodaBucks wallet on the interface of the VodaBucks Rewards page, as they are valid for 12 months from the date of banking.

Weekly unbanked VodaBucks will expire by Friday midnight, so customers are encouraged to bank them as often as they like during the week on the My Vodacom App or by dialing *133#.

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