unleash your potential with the new Motorola edge

Motorola edge comes with a 6.8″ Max Vision display for a crystal clear viewing experience, meeting HDR10 standards. That means you can also see over a billion shades of gorgeous colors, rendered vivid, bright, and true to life on the display.

Scrolling on motorola edge is super smooth and incredibly fast thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate, the highest refresh rate available on mainstream smartphones. When engaging in dynamic, high motion content like gaming or action-packed video, a 144Hz drastically improves the experience as it’s 140% faster than the 60Hz industry standard just a few years ago.

Motorola edge is packed with a powerfully efficient Snapdragon® 778G Mobile Platform with up to 55% faster graphics and processing, and 2x faster AI performance, compared to the first generation motorola edge.2 The ultra-fast Snapdragon™ 778G supports Wi-Fi 6E and is designed specifically for 5G phones—and for the amazing things you can do with ours.5 With up to 256 GB of built-in storage, there’s tons of room for photos, movies, games, and music. And with up to 8 GB of the latest generation memory, your apps and information stay ready in the background so everything runs smoothly.3

Availability & Pricing

In the U.S., the new motorola edge will be available universally unlocked at Best Buy, B&H Photo, Amazon.com and Motorola. For a limited time, motorola edge will be available for $499.99 – that’s $200 off! Additionally, Verizon and Spectrum Mobile will offer the device in the coming months.

In Canada, the new motorola edge will be available in the coming months.

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