Samsung South Africa Celebrates International Day of Sign Languages

In South Africa, our internationally celebrated commitment to diversity and inclusion has led to the creation of 11 official languages.

In pursuit of far-reaching inclusivity for all, sign language, which is used by over 600 000 people in the country, has also been prioritised as an important and vibrant language.

This is why this month; Samsung is celebrating International Day of Sign Languages through the power of technology.

“True progress only moves ahead when it leaves no one behind and our technology caters for all. Samsung products enable connection and we’re pleased to be supporting the deaf community with technology that breaks down the barriers that can exclude many from society, “

said Hlubi Shivanda. Director: Business Innovation Group & Corporate Affairs, Samsung South Africa.

One of the technologies that can be essential in providing accessibility for people with disabilities are TV’s. A television is a portal that can connect us to the world.

As the amount of diverse content users have access to continues to grow, the range of entertainment they can access through their TVs is also expanding.

Yet despite this innovation, for those who are hard of hearing, the deaf, people with low vision and the blind, accessing basic TV features like sound controls and screen settings can still prove challenging. As Samsung unveiled at its First Look 2021 event, the company’s 2021 TV line-up harnesses the latest advances to allow those who are hard of hearing, the deaf, people with low vision and the blind to enjoy their TV experiences in comfort.

This is achieved with the help of Samsung’s new CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award-winning accessibility features for TVs, including Caption Moving, Sign Language Zoom, Multi-Output Audio and Voice Guide. Going forward, Samsung will keep developing new AI-based features to continue making Samsung TVs more and more accessible.

“Our accessibility innovations broaden our vision for an inclusive society. We believe sign language can connect us all in a unique way, especially at a time when mask-wearing is a daily reality. To celebrate ‘International Day of Sign Languages’, Samsung is encouraging all South Africans to spread love through “I love you” in sign language and share our support for every form of language, “

concluded Shivanda.

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