YouDeh app connects ordinary people to public figures

Gone are the days where you have to rush to a mall or event in hopes of trying to get the attention of your favourite celebrity. Imagine having access to some of Mzansi’s top media personalities at your every whim!

Your wish is YouDeh’s command! This tech-savy app has launched and is giving you an opportunity to have direct guaranteed access to A-Listers at the click of a button, right in the comfort of your own space.

YouDeh app is international and allows users to connect with people around the world that would be “hard to reach” through paid-for-private meeting requests called, parties. This is a first for social media as one does not have to hold their breath in hopes or frustration to try and get the attention of the ones they support for different reasons.

With the world having advanced in its adoption of various technologies, there had to be a way to help minimize the effect of the global pandemic, Covid-19 on the entertainment industry using technology. This gave birth to YouDeh as in “Hey, are you deh?” Get it?

YouDeh is introduced to the world by two forward thinking business men who are information technology specialists, Thulani Ngwenya and Aubrey Modise. The pair who have partnered with Mzansi’s top star, DJ Tira are set on shaking things up by making the almost impossible, possible. The world at your finger tips.

Talking about the app, founder Thulani said;

A lot of entertainers found themselves without income when Covid-19 hit and communities were forced to go on lock-down. This was mostly due to the fact that physical events were shut and therefore no bookings for MCing, performances and appearances. It is a safe and fun space to broaden our world while keeping us connected.”

Co-founder Aubrey emphasized:

With YouDeh, entertainers can continue earning great alternative income even after Covid-19 is long gone. Ordinary users are also given the opportunity to connect with the people they admire.”

DJ Tira added:

This is the future and I am glad to be part of such a revolution. YouDeh is the way to go

You simply download the YouDeh app, via Apple App Store or Google Play Store, > Create a profile > Set your rates -> Watch the magic happen as you connect to your star once your meeting has been confirmed.


For instance, a celebrity can say “I will charge $10 for my 5 minutes”, (Every user is a celebrity on the YouDeh app)

  • When someone would like to have a private video call with that celeb, they’d login on the app, create a party request of type meeting.
  • Invite that particular celeb = When inviting the celeb, the user would indicate for how long. If they say 5 minutes for instance, the app will notify them that the celeb will charge them $10. If they agree, they will then make the payment from their wallets on the app. (Users can top up their wallets using credit/debit cards or PayPal)
  • The celeb will receive the request on the app which they can either reject or approve.
  • Should they approve, the requestor will receive a notification, and when the time comes both the requestor and the celeb connect via a private video call on the app.
  • After the call, the funds are paid into the celeb’s wallet on the app within 24 hours. The celeb can either use the funds to request other users’ time or withdraw the funds via PayPal. All rates are charged at USD as it is an international app.

It is Important to note that the celebs’ contact details are never compromised as there is no sharing of their emails or contact numbers, unless they voluntarily do so during the private calls. These calls are neither recorded nor stored on the app.

This creation is not only limited to celebrities and their fans but is a playground for anybody with time to sell. For example, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, tutors, and even sangomas. can use it for consultations as the scope is endless.

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