BiB has launched Africa’s first Audio Library App

WeThinkCode co-founder Arlene Mulder and Juanita Kotzé have launched the BiB app, which is earmarked as Africa’s first audio library app to host unique content from around the continent.

The BiB App is available on the App Store and Google Play, it allows users to directly purchase and listen to a curated selection of African books, series and theatre pieces narrated by acclaimed local voice artists.

Africa’s rich tradition of storytelling is acknowledged and preserved for future generations on this contemporary platform which effortlessly shares this continent’s original narratives with a worldwide audience.

“BiB’s mission is to bring the richness of Africa’s story-telling heritage to the world and through our strategic partnerships with content creators, authors and publishers we aim to present the extraordinary diversity of African voices,”

said founder Arlene Mulder.

“We’re a South African startup with a pan-African focus, and we plan to go beyond this country’s 11 official languages and borders to feature content from across the continent, and the African diaspora abroad. We believe that our tech platform is ideal for preserving and promoting Africa’s deep storytelling culture and traditions, protecting African stories into the long future for generations to come.”

More about Arlene Mulder

After seven years as an investment banker, Cape Town(South Africa) based Arlene left the finance world to start WeThinkCode, and pursue her dream of starting a tech business that aims to democratize and revolutionize education in order to deliver the world’s top tech talent.

Mulder and Juanita Kotzé co-founded the BiB app first as a concept, they were then motivated to move the app from concept to life during the lockdown. In a few months, they developed the app, recorded 60 titles with artists and sealed partnership deals with publishers, including Naspers’s NB Publishers, Protea, Lapa Publishers and Black Book Club.

Arlene is passionate about driving the development of the tech industry as well as establishing innovative digital problem-solving capabilities in Africa. She has always loved exploring the power of tech and mathematics to transform the way we face challenges.

When she isn’t working with rockstar coders in the making, she spends her time on a mountain bike, in her trail running shoes, ticking off her travel bucket list or reading three books at the same time. Arlene holds a master’s degree in Business, Mathematics and Informatics.

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