Five Years of VR: A Look at the Greatest Moments from Oculus

Oculus Rift was first released in March 2016. It was a big moment — the launch of the first consumer VR headset of the modern era. And it was just the start. The company has since released five headsets in the past five years, each driving the technology forward and enabling major improvements in how people interact with VR and the experiences developers can offer.

Oculus Rift – March 2016

Before Rift, there was the Kickstarter — a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for DK1. By 2014, Facebook had acquired Oculus with a vision of VR as the next computing platform.

Oculus Touch Launch – December 2016

Touch enabled players to essentially bring their hands into the virtual world.

Oculus Go – May 2018

Oculus Go reimagined the media-centric Gear VR as an all-in-one device.

Oculus Quest and Rift S – May 2019

In May 2019, the company released two headsets on the same day: Rift S and Quest.

Oculus Quest 2 – October 2020

The goal with Quest 2 was to give both players and developers a higher-powered and more customizable device.

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