Check Out This Structured – Day Planne‪r App

Split your day into small tasks and plan to be more productive. Create new tasks in seconds and get a live timeline of your day with Structured – Day Planner.

This app allows you to import your existing calendar events and reminders to keep you on track.

You can sync across all devices using iCloud as well as an AI-based icon recommendation for that extra touch and it also suggests regular tasks to speed up the planning.

This simple app combines calendars and todo lists into a very easy to use interface.

Bring structure into your day

Stop wasting time by splitting up your day into small tasks.

A timeline of all todos and events

A simple timeline of your day gives you the oversight to achieve your plans.

Combines calendar and todo lists

Plan your day and check off tasks and events, once they are done

Reminders to keep you on track

Enable reminders to never miss a task and always stay on track.

AI-based icon recommendation for that extra touch

Spark up your plan with some nice matching icons. The best one will automatically be recommended.

Set start time and duration to get an exact overview

By setting when a task will task and how long it will task, you will always know what to do next.

Automatic conflict resolution

The app will automatically detect conflicts in your schedule and resolve them.

Made by Leo Mehlig in Berlin.

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