SoundCloud Launches First-Ever Livestream Gaming Tournament

Bust out your dance emotes – the SoundCloud universe is growing into gaming with SoundCloud Player One, a brand new online tournament bringing the raiders and rappers of SoundCloud together in one epic, interactive experience.

Hosted by Esports commentator MonsterDface and rapper Rico Nasty, eight SoundCloud artists turned gamers will go head-to-head in Fortnite’s Battle Royale, duking it out in a game of fortress-building, opponent-smashing, and smack-talking.

And SoundCloud’s only just jumped off the Battle Bus – the event comes with it’s own slew of surprises to be announced in the coming days, including the full player lineup, details on Rico Nasty’s can’t-miss halftime performance, exclusive prizes, and more.

The tournament streams live on February 18th from 8pm – 11pm EST on SoundCloud’s Facebook page and Twitch channel, where fans can join in and interact with the players by lighting up the chat in real time.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our community discover, share, and grow relationships in real time, and it’s become more important now than ever before with the pandemic limiting in-person connection through channels like concerts and events,”

says Erika Leone, Vice President, Brand Marketing, SoundCloud.

“With so many of our creators and listeners sharing a real passion for gaming culture, we’re stepping into the gaming space for the first time to bring them together to engage in innovative ways and connect rising creators with new fans.”

The SoundCloud Player One tournament creates an exciting moment for some of SoundCloud’s most promising emerging talent to build new relationships with potential fans — in fact, over 49% of SoundCloud users identify as gamers.
The event brings together SoundCloud’s young, influential audience to connect over their love of gaming and music in a time where IRL events aren’t possible, and shows that creator to fan engagement opportunities can happen organically through culture.
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