SoundCloud Signs Agreement with AdsWizz For Exclusive Ad Sales

SoundCloud, the world’s largest open audio platform, and AdsWizz, the leading global technology provider for digital audio advertising solutions, just announced an exclusive agreement to sell audio advertising in Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Effective immediately, the new agreement expands SoundCloud’s existing global relationship with AdsWizz. AdsWizz and its regional sellers are the exclusive sales representative for advertisers seeking to reach SoundCloud’s young, highly engaged, and influential audience in these European markets.


“Through AdsWizz, we’re making it easier for European brands to reach our audience of music fans across local markets,”

said Vanessa Baria, Vice President of Partner Management, SoundCloud.

“The agreement leverages AdsWizz’s advanced audio ad technology, giving us access to their deep sales capabilities and global reach to support the continued growth of our ad supported service across Europe.”


“During the global pandemic, the growth of audio listening has accelerated worldwide,”

said Pierre Naggar, Senior Vice President of Global Demand, AdsWizz.

“As digital audio becomes ubiquitous, advertisers are looking for ways to reach listening audiences at scale with precise targeting and measurable results.   Additionally, premium publishers like SoundCloud are looking to integrate an ad solution that can support their free services while maintaining a positive listening experience.  This agreement between AdsWizz and SoundCloud delivers both of those needs through an advanced, yet accessible platform.”


Advertisers now have the option of targeting SoundCloud’s inventory specifically or, in certain markets, through the AdsWizz Marketplace.

Access to SoundCloud’s inventory can be made via the AdsWizz Audio Buying Platform, an audio-centric DSP, or through any major omnichannel DSP.

The AdsWizz Marketplace reaches over 100 million unique devices every month around the world. Additionally, audio buyers can reach listeners in more personal ways through rich audience segment targeting, such as geo, device type, genre, language, weather, points of interest, demographic, behavioural segments and more.


Advertisers can also unlock innovative features and capabilities that are only available on the AdsWizz Audio Buying Platform.

These features include new audio ad formats like ShakeMe, Second Screen Device Retargeting, Dynamic Creative Optimization, and Voice Ads. In addition, the AdsWizz Buying Platform gives advertisers the ability to do advanced media planning, integrate first-party data, target by smart speaker manufacturers, and tap into advanced podcast buying capabilities.


The new agreement expands SoundCloud’s existing global relationship with AdsWizz, a subsidiary of SiriusXM. Pandora, also owned by SiriusXM, is the exclusive ad sales representative for SoundCloud in the U.S.

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