SARS launch a Flash compatible eFiling browser

The South African Revenue Service has released a custom web browser for the sole purpose of re-enabling Adobe Flash Player support. This is a strategy to allow users to be able to file while the rest of its website migrates to HTML-based web forms.

Adobe has reached end-of-life for Flash and has specifically stopped updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020. Adobe has encouraged content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to newer open formats.

SARS has therefore been busy replacing forms using Adobe Flash with the latest HTML5 technology. Although SARS’ phasing in of HTML5 has focused on the major tax types with high-volume online submissions, there are some forms which include the registration and objection forms, as well as other smaller taxes with lower volumes, that have remained on Adobe Flash post-December 2020.

This, as a result, has caused problems in these low-volume areas and has led to an alternate new SARS eFiling Browser solution being implemented which affords users the ability to complete and submit the Flash-based forms not migrated to HTML5. Sars says that it is an interim solution, while they complete the migration.

The new SARS eFiling Browser enables access to ALL eFiling forms, including those that would otherwise have required the Adobe Flash software to be installed on a user’s computer, thus maintaining compliance with a user’s filing obligations.

Users are requested to use the SARS browser should access to the forms not yet migrated be required, which include:

  1. RAV01  – Registration, Amendments and Verification Form
  2. TDC01 Transfer Duty
  3. IT3-01 Financial Certificate Information
  4. IT3-02 Financial Declaration
  5. TCR01 Tax Compliance Status Request
  6. DTR01 Dividends Tax Transactions Information
  7. WTI Withholding Tax on Interest

Existing browsers such as Chrome & Edge will continue to work for all forms already migrated with the major and high volume ones being

  • Income Tax (Personal Income Tax (PIT), Provisional Tax, Corporate Income Tax (CIT) & Trusts), Value Added Tax, Pay as you Earn and Excise.
  • The SARS Browser will require software to be installed on your PC and is currently compatible with Windows devices.
  • This SARS eFiling Browser deploys as a separate application for access only on the SARS eFiling website and SARS corporate website. It is not a browser for general internet browsing.

For more information and guidance on how to download and use the browser please visit the SARS website

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