Lenovo Introduces Zero-Touch Enrollment on Lenovo Chrome OS Devices

Lenovo announced its latest offering to support remote workers: zero-touch enrollment is now available on Lenovo Chrome OS devices.

As organizations help employees adapt to new “work-from-anywhere” models, many IT teams are learning just how prepared (or unprepared) they are for the transition.

With entire workforces now offsite, IT must confront getting the right devices to employees while securing endpoints, surfacing new cloud-based tools, managing overburdened help desks and more.

In the past, IT administrators had to manually enroll each Chrome OS device into their domain, requiring manual IT efforts.

With zero-touch enrollment, the device drop-ships pre-registered and ready for use by the end user with all the organization’s security policies, applications and profiles.

This eliminates the need for manual device enrollment.

Zero-touch enrollment is built with security in mind as hardware-backed attestation helps secure device identity to prevent spoofing attacks.

This offering went live on the ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook one December 15 2020 and will expand to other Lenovo Chrome OS devices throughout 2021.

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