Top 5 family friendly multiplayer mobile games for 2020

Keep yourself occupied these holidays with a few games to pass the time. Sometimes all you need is that alone time to help finish a level or even beat your new high score. Here are 3 games that are going to help to pass the time.



The first game is DUNKERS. For a great equalizer in virtual one-on-one sports, you should give DUNKERS a shot. Two characters face-off, with their arms turning wildly. Each player gets two buttons, one of which flings their on-screen avatar forwards and into the air, and the other of which moves them backward. And for no obvious reason, a trampoline sometimes appears on the court, just to make the game a bit more challenging.


 The second game is WORDS WITH FRIENDS 2. Similar to Scrabble, in this game, you get a selection of tiles, place them down on the board, aiming to make use of the bonus squares to either double or triple the scores for relevant letters or words and rack up big points. One of the major benefits of WORDS WITH FRIENDS is that it works fine even on fairly old hardware. It’s also suitable whether everyone’s in the same house or the players are spread all over the planet. Also, the in-game chatroom provides additional bragging opportunities when you lay down a particular epic word to swing the balance of the scores completely…


 The third game is SUPER STICKMAN GOLF 3. If you like silly sports games, Super Stickman Golf 3 reimagines golf as a side-on ball-smacker within larger-than-life courses of floating islands, giant castles, and laser-infested moon bases. The basics are simple – set your angle and power, and then let rip. When it comes to multiplayer, everyone needs their own smartphone, but it doesn’t matter what system they’re running. If people are on the same network, you can partake in frantic speed races to each hole. Alternatively, you can use the turn-based mode, for playing matches against a loved one half a world away.


The fourth game is SPACETEAM. SPACETEAM’s the finest multiplayer multi-device party game on mobile, that involves a lot of button-pushing and yelling. The premise is your little spaceship’s hurtling along, but also falling to bits and trying to outrun an exploding star and the only way it’ll not get boiled is by engaging relevant controls. The difficulty is that the instructions you receive are often not related to controls on your particular display. In no other games are you likely to desperately scream, while frantically hunting for the ‘dangling shunter’ on any screens within view? The app’s free, and everyone just needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network to play.


The last game is THE BLOCKHEADS. There’s a Minecraft vibe about The Blockheads, more so because of its chunky visuals. It’s a 2D block world, within which you explore, dig, and build, ensuring your little avatar remains well-fed and rested, and doesn’t become annoyed at your inability to help them survive. It’s very sweet, and the kind of game that can rob days from your life. But The Blockheads excels when you invite friends along for the ride, bringing them into your virtual world in a persistent multiplayer adventure.

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